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Without balancing vibrant health and wellness, body, mind and spirit, nothing else in your life, works. It’s the one thing that affects the rest of your life. You deserve to live a life that honours you and helps you present your most powerful self to the world….to find the joy and bliss waiting right there.

Let me help you with that. I help men and women learn to enjoy eating, moving and living again. We can do this together. Life is for living and that means enjoying the riches out there. Your body wants to support your life, your soul wants you to live.  Let’s make that connection between your health and wellness as a team…hand in hand.

I find joy in guiding and mentoring with the motto that “If it’s not fun, it’s not done”. Using yoga and meditation in a way that accessible to all to connect mind body and spirit. Using physical activity and healthy eating to promote a strong and flexible body. And proven life coaching skills to create habits and rituals that honour our desire to be our best, most powerful self.

My classes and workshops are a sweet combination of pragmatic reality, compassionate love and spirituality, attention to detail, and silly moments that remind us not to take ourselves so seriously.

I have dedicated my life to  the wellness and fitness industry for over 20 years. As the owner of Connected Living, founder of Shine Om Yoga, creator of the Yoga For Real People series. I am also the owner and Wellness Co-ordinator of NEOMO Wellness, working with the NEOMO Family Medical Centre.

I am a certified Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness instructor, with many specialty certifications. I am a Stand Up for Balance Facilitator, Tiered Exercise Facilitator and Trainer. I am a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist with the Sivinanda Yoga Vendanta and the Kripalu Yoga Institute. I love continuing my education by attending teaching intensives with Coby Kozlowski, Gary Krafstow, Esther Myers, Tom Myers, Baxter Bell, Sadi Nardini, Carol Krucoff, Leslie Kaminoff, Kari Harendorf, Lorin Roche to name a few. I am also certified with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, and the Academy of Life Coaching  as well as the Canadian Health Coach Alliance.

When my own life started to unravel, and then my health became an issue I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I dove deeply into upgrading my teaching, training and coaching skills.Having “been there, done that” gives me that extra drive to connect the teachings to our very real lives.

So, are you ready to fall in love and reclaim your life? I am committed to the purpose of helping you create your best most powerful self with the deepest integrity.

Contact me directly for more information on how I can personally better your life!


Health & Wellbeing

Seniors Fall Prevention:

Falls are one of the leading causes of admissions to hospitals by seniors. Once a senior falls they are at greater risk for a second fall. Keep yourself safe, independent and in your own home with our Free Stand Up class. A twelve week exercise and education class that will help to prevent the first and second fall. See schedule for community location.

Specialty programs and workshops:

Our popular specialty programs include topics like Stress Management for Real People, Low Back Neck and Shoulder Pain, Pelvic Health, Introduction to Meditation for Real People to name a few.

But it can’t be all serious; we also host fun workshops like our Shake Your Soul dance party, and chakra, yoga and essential oils, mala making. etc. See our schedule or events page to see what’s coming.

Yoga Therapy:

Yoga therapy is used to treat a wide variety of conditions, such as pain management, vertigo, as a partner to physiotherapy, and chiropractic work or counseling. You can be referred by your doctor or your physiotherapist, and you can self refer.

Corporate Wellness:

Connected Living works with business and corporations in the community to create healthy employees and work place. Please contact me if you and your organization are interested in more details

NEOMO Wellness:

If you are a patient of the NEOMO Group Family Health Team of Dr Dhatt, Dr Gauthier, Dr McKay, Dr Gervais, and Dr McColl your doctor may refer you to our services.to assist patients with lifestyle issues that are affecting their health.


Life Coaching

Whether that is getting clarity, losing weight, getting fit, having body confidence, you need a plan and help sticking to it. Each session we move forward toward your end goal, In the end you will better understand how to get around roadblocks, where they come from and why you want to achieve your goal.My approach to coaching is to create a safe space with love and compassion and a big dose of laughter and common sense. 


Yoga Therapy:

Yoga therapy is used to treat a wide variety of conditions, from postural issues, health conditions, and injuries, physical and emotional trauma. Yoga Therapy is a form of therapy that uses yoga postures, principals, breathing exercises, meditation, guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. Yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit. You can be referred by your doctor or your physiotherapist, your mental health caregiver or you can self-refer.


2153 Armstrong Street

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Tel: 705 677-6494 shineom@dawncondon.ca

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